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IO Industries Recommends Silicon Software's CoaXPress Frame Grabbers

Silicon Software GmbH

microEnable 5 ironman AQ8-CXP6DCanadian manufacturer IO Industries has successfully validated its new Flare 48MP industrial camera with our microEnable 5 ironman CoaXPress frame grabber (AQ8-CXP6D). Verification using Silicon Software utilities was straightforward thanks to the provided applet sets and microDisplay software.

This new camera features a very high resolution global shutter CMOS sensor with 47.5 megapixels (7920 x 6004 pixels) and a high frame rate of 30.9 fps. Paired with a 4-channel CoaXPress interface, full-quality full-speed image transmission is achieved with low power consumption. One, two or four CoaXPress video outputs may be used at a time, allowing real-time transfer from one, two or four cameras into the microEnable 5 ironman CoaXPress frame grabber. This capability benefits designers of leading-edge imaging systems for electronics manufacturing, metrology and wide-area surveillance. Our boards are able to handle the full frame rate of this camera using microDisplay or customer-developed applications.

Our CoaXPress frame grabbers consist of the two product series microEnable 5 ironman and microEnable 5 marathon. The ironman series stands out by a data transfer to the host PC via PCI Express x8 (2nd Generation). By use of the DMA3600 technology from Silicon Software data transfers of 3.6 GB/s are achieved as a constant value. The frame grabber has a powerful vision processor (Xilinx FPGA Virtex 6 series). The programmable V-series microEnable 5 ironman VQ8-CXP6D supports our graphical programming environment VisualApplets with which users can realize complex algorithms for real-time image processing applications in short time and without any hardware programming knowledge.

“This CoaXPress frame grabber is suited very well to acquire the high data rate of our Flare 48MP camera. Setup with the AQ8-CXP6D is straightforward thanks to included applets for the grabber and the microDisplay software functionality. Our customers are now able to deploy this camera in real-time processing applications such as flat panel display inspection, metrology, and wide-area surveillance. It’s also a benefit to choose either a frame grabber with full bandwidth support or a lower-bandwidth version with a very good price/performance ratio,” states Andrew Searle, Sales Manager of IO Industries.


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