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IDS Video Demonstrates Multi USB3Camera Systems

IDS Imaging Development Systems, Inc.

uEye 3.0 USB cameras eliminate bottlenecks caused by slow data transfer

WOBURN, MA -- Machine vision integrators are challenged to find ways to transfer the vast amounts of data captured by today's megapixel resolution sensors without exceeding a PC's processing capabilities. 
To help answer this challenge, IDS has created a new video and accompanying brochure, both titled "Shift Into Top Speed," that focus on its uEye CP cameras featuring USB 3.0. This interface offers data transfer rates up to ten-times faster than USB 2.0, five-times faster than FireWire 800 and nearly four-times faster than GigE. USB 3.0 successfully bridges the gap to the most powerful sensors by eliminating the interface bottleneck. This is especially beneficial in multi-camera systems; for instance, in 3D imaging, bodywork inspection, robotics, logistics or medical engineering.
The new video is in three parts. First, it shows an operating system in which four IDS uEye CP cameras with 5MP CMOS sensors capture images at 15 frames-per-second (fps), transferring 300 MBytes per second via a single USB 3.0 cable to a PC, utilizing less than 20 percent of CPU capacity. Next, the video shows a system of ten uEye CP camera with 1.4MP CMOS sensors capturing data at 25 fps and transferring 325 MB/s with similar excellent results. Finally, IDS is challenged with a mixed interface system featuring two USB 3.0 cameras, two USB 2.0 cameras and 2 GigE cameras. Once again, the IDS solution performs flawlessly experiencing only minimal CPU load.
The video can be viewed on the front page of the IDS website at www.ids-imaging.com.
To download the brochure visit http://www.ids-imaging.com/usb3/index.php
IDS is a leading manufacturer of digital industrial cameras and frame grabbers. The company was founded by two engineers in 1997. Their mission then and now is to develop, manufacture and distribute industrial grade imaging components with an excellent price/performance ratio and maximum ease of use. IDS is internationally represented by a subsidiary in the USA and through a network of distributors in almost all European and Asian countries. About half of IDS employees are engineers in hardware and software development as well as applications engineering. IDS customers include OEMs, system integrators and manufacturers in the industrial, security, scientific and medical industries. Over 250,000 IDS frame grabbers and 180,000 USB and GigE uEye cameras are in use worldwide today.

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