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IDS Shipping First USB 3.0 Industrial Cameras

IDS Imaging Development Systems, Inc.

IDS uEye USB3 Camera now shippingIDS GmbH, a global leader in medical vision and machine vision technology, announced today it is shipping its new USB 3.0 uEye CP cameras. These cameras are among the first to incorporate the USB 3.0 or "SuperSpeed" USB interface, delivering significant advantages compared to the most common interfaces in the machine vision area with a possible data rate of up to 400 MByte/s.

Measuring a mere 29 x 29 x 29 mm, USB 3.0 uEye CP cameras feature a housing that is not only amazingly small, but due to its magnesium casing is also lightweight and exceptionally robust to withstand the rigors of a wide variety of vision applications, including industrial, medical and biometrics. Three different sensors are available for the new cameras, ranging from VGA to 5 Megapixel.

In addition to speed, the USB 3.0 interface also achieves simple and easy implementation and operation, especially in multi-camera industrial systems. It is backwards compatible to allow the continued use of existing USB 2.0 systems.

The new cameras offer trigger, flash and pulse width modulation, as well as two GPIOs (General Purpose I / O) that can be changed into a serial interface (RS232) so that peripheral devices can be triggered or controlled. Brightness correction is realized by a 12-bit lookup table and hardware gamma. When compared to standard 8-bit, the 12-bit color depth offers 16X the level of detail. The FPGA performs de-bayering with up to 12 bit per channel and allows the camera to output RGB or YUV data, thus taking load off the CPU. It also does color correction and thus renders true-to-life color quality.

To simplify deployment of the USB 3.0 eye CP camera family, IDS offers a software package for Microsoft® Windows® and Linux that includes 32/64 bit drivers, demo programs, and source code in C + +, C # and VB. 

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