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High end Vision PCs

Mikrotron GmbH

How to Get the Right PC for Vision Systems with High Resolution, High Speed, or Multiple Cameras

The Vision-PC is a key component of every image processing solution. It significantly affects the performance and stability of the entire system.

CPUs, GPUs, RAM, hard drives and data buses are constantly evolving and improving. Nevertheless, modern machine vision systems are a challenge for commercially available PCs: high sensor resolutions, fast frame rates, and multi-camera setups generate many gigabytes of image data per second. To process all this data, the image processing PC and all other components of the application must be designed and configured, optimally.

Mikrotron offers 30 years of experience in manufacturing high-speed cameras and demanding image processing systems. Mikrotron stands for industrial-grade Vision-PCs that meet your specific requirements and special requests.

Please find 4 different sample configurations and further details about our Vision-PC offering on our website.

Do you want to get the optimal Vision-PC for your application?
Quickly, with guaranteed performance, individually designed, and with long-term availability?


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