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New Product News

High-Accuracy Structured Light 3D Camera Released by Revopoint

Revopoint 3D Technologies Inc.

Revopoint released a small-sized structured light 3D camera, which offers high accuracy and high-resolution 3D data in real time. 

Revopoint is a California-based company focusing on artificial intelligence and 3D imaging hardware. Recently, it has designed and released Acusense, a high-accuracy 3D depth sensor. As contrasted to the typical sensors, the 3D depth camera provides high-accuracy model output. It is the basic feature of Acusense, and most of the applications demand this feature. 


Acusense is a small-size structured light 3D sensor. It has a mini-size sensor system, which makes it stand out from the rest. It has a small body because of which it is easy to carry. You can use it alone or along with robotics. It can capture a wide distance that ranges from 0.2 to 2 meters. On average, it will provide you 0.5 mm of depth accuracy while the resolution will be around 2540x1600 at 15fps. The developers have integrated AI chip in this camera. According to Dr.Tao Yang, The CTO of Revopoint, “the AI chip enables the cameras to generate 3D data, which greatly reduces the computing burden of the processing device.” To get more info about Acusense features, click here.

The company offers SDK for Windows and Linux to the users. When the camera is taking pictures, users can have a glance at the RGB image, depth image, and 3D model in real-time. Also, the users can adjust the main parameters to get the desired output.

Acusense is compact, so you can install it into the robots to perform diverse operations across a range of industries. These industries may include robot navigation, quality inspection, and bin picking.


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