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Case Studies

Glass products inspection

Kar Ming Industrial Supplies, Co., Ltd.

Vision system control applications for glass products are always complex, due to the fact that the shape of various glass products contain natural variations. The method we use capacitates us to overcome the difficulty that the geometric tools we used to meet the requirements of the application perfectly.

The automatic light bulb visual detection and stacking system collect multi-directional images of the light bulb through industrial cameras, quickly analyzes and collects data onto the image processing system, and automatically removes defective products according to the image analysis results, realizing the automatic detection of the light bulb. The visual inspection of bulb includes the Angle and leakage of filament; air bubbles, cracks, dirt and gas lines on hair bubbles; Lack of top tin on the lamp holder, top to wire exposure, crush, edge to wire exposure, welding mud exposure, dirty, and lamp holder angle.

Our automatic glass products visual inspection system can be commonly used in the detection of various types of glass products, for example lightbulbs.


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