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Gary Erickson New Sales/Marketing VP at Wintriss

Wintriss Engineering Corporation

Gary Erickson, former Vice President of Business Development for Kodak Motion Analysis Systems Division (MASD) has joined Wintriss Engineering Corporation as Vice President of Sales and Marketing.  Mr. Erickson was with Kodak for 30 years in various engineering, manufacturing, and sales positions at Rochester and more recently with MASD in San Diego.  Mr. Erickson was product line manager for Roper Scientific of the MegaPlusTM line of CCD Digital Cameras after the business acquisition in late 1999 from Kodak.  He holds a BSEE degree from Bradley University and an MBA from Rochester Institute of Technology.

Wintriss Engineering Corporation is a ten year old manufacturer of smart machine vision cameras, including the Web Ranger 5150 smart line scan camera which is used for high-speed, high-resolution web inspection.


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