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Four Selcom® Laser Measurement Sensors Installed at Vredestein Banden BV Plant in the Netherlands

LMI Technologies Inc.

Four Selcom® SLS 5006/50-RUGOTEBORG, Sweden – LMI Technologies AB noted that four of its Selcom® laser measurement sensors have been installed at the Vredestein Banden BV tyre plant in Enschede, The Netherlands, measuring the thickness of calendered sheet.

The four Selcom® SLS 5006/50-RU sensors are mounted in a dual head set up on two tracks on both sides of the calendered sheet, to measure the true shape and dimensions of the web.  The material measured is fresh and uncured and can be characterised as hot and sticky with a black or shiny surface that evaporates some smoke or fume. 

Before installing the Selcom® sensors, Vredestein inspected the surface manually using a caliper.  The company found that this method did not provide the continuous quality control they desired and was prone to employee interpretation.  There was also no direct or continuous feedback to control the thickness. 

Since installing the sensors, accurate and reliable continuous thickness measurements can be made for improved quality control.  Surface quality of the rollers can also be read from the SSP (Selcom Signal Processor) signal, a measurement previously not possible.

The sensors consist of a semi-conductor laser diode that projects a 0.070 mm  (0.0028 in.) spot on the target surface.  Measurement range is 6 mm (0.24 in.) and stand-off distance 50 mm. (1.97 in.).  Resolution is 0.0015% of the measuring range. The sensor uses a visible laser light for added safety and easy spot positioning.

Since this is a two-track set up, two sets of thickness measurements are reported back to the calendered PLC for real time control of the roller gap.  This assures that the thickness of the rubber sheet will be within tolerance, with minimum fluctuations.  Measurements are not affected by surface texture, colour, brightness, speed or the temperature of the material.    

‘‘The SLS sensors are based on optical triangulation principles and are the most flexible sensor type available from LMI for this type of application,’‘ noted Martin Sanden, Business Area Manager for LMI Technologies AB.  ‘‘Vredestein Banden is very pleased with the application and the results they are achieving.’‘

Vredestein Banden is a Dutch medium-sized independent tyre manufacturer whose strategy is to produce tyres with an ideal price-quality relationship and premium quality products at an attractive price. Tyres at the Enschede plant are varied ranging from passenger tyres for summer and winter weather conditions to all season sports tyres, vans and light truck tyres, bicycle and numerous agricultural and industrial applications.  Vredestein Banden has made heavy investment in production equipment in recent years in order gear itself to the complex task of producing an incredibly wide range of tyres at one production site. This is coupled with frequent introduction of new and innovative products. Besides Europe,  Vredestein tyres are available worldwide, including the U. S.

Vredestein Banden is part of the internationally active Dutch group. Vredestein has operating companies involved in development, production, marketing and sales of tyres, protective footwear, sealing system, components and recycled rubber.

The Selcom® family of sensors from LMI Technologies are also capable of examining thickness and profile measurement applications such as web and sheet calendars, die design and tyre tread extrusions.  The sensors can meet a variety of application requirements including splice offset and overlap, radial and lateral run-out of green rubber, tyre side wall inspection and tread wear analyses. 

The company is part of LMI Technologies, a world leader in 3D machine vision sensors for process optimisation and quality control in various industries. LMI Technologies has over 40 vision and laser sensor models and over 100 issued and pending patents.

For more information on the Selcom® brand of non-contact sensors to the tyre and rubber industry, contact LMI Technologies AB at Box 250,Ogardesvagen 19A, SE-433 25, Partille, Sweden, Telephone: +46-031-336-25-13, FAX +46-031-44-61-79.

In North America, contact LMI Technologies (USA), Inc. 21455 Melrose Avenue, Suite 22, Southfield, Michigan 48075 USA, Telephone: (248) 359-2409, FAX (248) 355-3283. 

LMI can also be found on the web under www.lmint.com.


Martin Sanden 

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