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Flexible Line Scan Camera for Spectroscopy, OCT, or Machine Vision Applications

Imaging Solutions Group

Rochester, NY – Imaging Solutions Group’s (ISG), Allegro USB3 series, Orion 2k Line Scan smart camera is an exceptionally flexible solution for Spectroscopy, Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), and Machine Vision applications.  

The camera implements the AMS Orion 2k Line Scan sensor with its configurable pixel size, configurable conversion capacitance, and line rate control. The photo diode can be configured as a square 10um x 10um pixel or as a rectangular 10um x 200um pixel. The high aspect ratio photodiode (10um x 200um) makes the camera particularly useful for OCT and Spectroscopy applications.  The configurable conversion capacitance allows the user to choose between high SNR or high sensitivity performance. The camera can sample at rates up to 80 kHz in 11 bit mode or 20 kHz in 13 bit mode and external triggers can be used to control the line rate. The square pixel (10um x 10um) in combination with the higher sensitivity of the smaller conversion capacitance setting, is well suited for high speed and high resolution machine vision applications.

With its USB3 Vision interface, a single cable connects the camera to any host system with a USB3 port to power the camera and transfer image data at the full speed and resolution of the sensor. If synchronizing the image capture with external components or lighting is required, the camera also has a programmable opto-isolated trigger input and two opto-isolated outputs. The camera’s compact aluminum housing is well suited for rugged industrial applications and or just the electronic board stack can be supplied for applications where space and weight are critical.

The free Medley SDK allows users to easily control and program the configurable features of the camera. It will also ease the work of developers integrating the camera into their application due to Medley’s extensive support for standard interfaces.

Additionally, the customizable LightWise image processor residing in the on-board FPGA allows the integration of custom imaging algorithms in order to reduce host CPU load and cost. This can provide a unique market advantage for the product since it could contain valuable application specific enhancements for the cost of a standard Allegro camera.

The configurability of the Orion sensor in combination with Allegro’s customization capabilities makes for a solution easily tailored and optimized for unique applications in OCT and Spectroscopy. This also has great value in many other embedded vision applications that require high speed and high image quality.


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