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Federal-Mogul Names DVT Strategic Supplier of Vision Sensors

Cognex Corporation


Global Automotive Supplier Finds Value and Performance in SmartImage Sensors

March 23, 2001—DVT Corporation today announced that Federal-Mogul Powertrain Systems has named DVT a strategic supplier of Ethernet-ready vision sensors (SmartImage Sensors). Federal-Mogul Powertrain Systems manufactures small and large-engine pistons and piston assemblies for original equipment and aftermarket customers in the automotive industry.  DVT Corporation’s SmartImage Sensors replaced more expensive fiber-optic sensors of limited reliability in checking part orientation before critical machining processes.

“We have found the DVT system and free software extremely easy to use and maintain,” said Dave Ramey, Manufacturing Engineering Manager at Federal-Mogul. “SmartImage Sensors are versatile enough to check 19 different pistons with varying geometry with minimal changes. We are looking at other applications where we feel DVT systems will be of tremendous value.”

DVT’s Series 600 SmartImage Sensor ships with DVT’s newest software interface, Framework 2.2, which is full of useful tools like: Blob Analysis, Precision Measure, Motion Control DataLink, SPC DataLink, and 1/2D Code Reader with OCR. New algorithms deliver features like Template Matching and enhanced Math Tools to take advantage of the Series 600’s added speed and resolution.  What’s more, SmartImage Sensors provide the features of a traditional machine vision system at less than half of the usual price by eliminating the signal-conversion electronics, fixed-frame rates and limited gray-scale quantization. Camera, image-acquisition electronics, and computer are integrated into a single unit to allow dynamic access to the CCD without image float or fluttering.

Headquartered in Norcross, GA, DVT Corporation ignited the machine vision revolution in the early 1990s with SmartImage Sensors and has continued to upgrade, enhance and integrate the technology into the most cost-effective vision systems in the industry.  Starting at $2995, all SmartImage Sensors are Ethernet ready.  Whether implemented as a simple, direct connection between the SmartImage Sensor and a computer, or as a connection that crosses the globe via the Internet, DVT exploits the Ethernet's architecture to bring real-time inspections to any aspect of a company’s enterprise. 

Michael E. Williams
DVT Corporation
(770) 449-4960

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