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FRAMOS Logistics Solutions: Real-time Automation with Simple Integration

Framos Technologies Inc.

FRAMOS VLGFRAMOS has proven over the last 35 years that their focus of Sensor to Systems creates dynamic business strategies for companies that have been in the imaging business for many years as well as companies looking to deploy imaging into their verticals. As proof of their commitment to this business practice, FRAMOS will be at the Automate Show displaying SONY’s most advanced CMOS Sensors in addition to imaging products from well known camera providers such as SONY, Smartek, Lumenera, Emergent, Ximea and others. Innovative systems that directly address the needs of verticals such as logistics and medical will also be displayed. The Automate Show will take place in Chicago from April 3 to 6, 2017.

Increased Efficiency and Performance
FRAMOS’ logistics solutions improve the performance of intralogistics systems to make them more efficient through automation and optimization of the system speed, storage facility utilization and the minimization of downtimes. The solutions and systems provided by FRAMOS help many industries including applications such as:

  • warehouse management for industrial enterprises;
  • reducing shipping costs for e-commerce retailers;
  • type classification for trading companies;
  • machine compatibility in returns management;
  • curvature inspection in shuttle warehouse systems and
  • cargo and freight handling.

FRAMOS will be demonstrating the Volume Light Grid (VLG) system in booth 550. The VLG is a plug & play system that can be easily implemented in any logistics facility. The VLG enables real-time recording of 3-D measurements, volumes, weight and positioning to provide a seamless integration into logistics processes.

Add-ons such as bar code scanners, laser scanners, scales or cameras allow the system to be adapted to suit individual customer requirements. Seamless integration and the service-friendly modular design, make the VLG the perfect OEM product.

“As a technology that is used across a variety of industries, imaging offers sorter manufacturers, OEMs, suppliers of material handling solutions and system integrators in the logistics industry an intelligent way of automating and controlling their systems.” says Dr. Simon Che’Rose, Head of Development at FRAMOS. “This can lead to simplified processes for end customers in the industry, effective system utilization with reduced downtimes and improved cost and resource efficiency.”

Visit FRAMOS at the Automate Show, booth #550, to understand how the VLG can be used to automate and optimize intralogistics systems. The FRAMOS team of image processing experts will also present their broad range of sensors, components, solutions and systems and will provide extensive support in both selecting products and configuring applications for industry-specific challenges.

Company Contact
Tracy Reid, Marketing Manager - North America
Tel: 1-613-208-1082


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