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FISBA’s US Production Facility Announces AS9100D/ISO 9001 Certification


FISBA, a leading supplier of precision optical components and systems for defense & security and life sciences, is pleased to announce AS9100D/ISO 9001 certification for its US location in Tucson, Arizona.FISBA Molded Infrared Optics and Oxide Optics

AS9100 is recognized internationally as the Quality Management System standard for companies supplying to Aviation, Space and Defense organizations. FISBA LLC’s AS9100D certification, which also includes ISO 9001:2015, covers the production of optical components including precision molded lenses (PML) both IR (infrared) and visible optics and FISBA’s optical components, sub-assemblies and systems, for the medical, aerospace, defense and industrial vision markets.

“The achievement of AS9100D certification extends our commitment to providing the highest quality products and processes to our customers.” said Erick Koontz, FISBA LLC’s Director of Engineering. FISBA’s Tucson, Arizona production facility specializes in manufacturing Oxide Optics and Infrared Optics, which are especially relevant to defense and military applications. Infrared lenses can be molded from a variety of chalcogenide glass types, a cost effective alternative to germanium. This is important because it allows the components to be used in demanding environments at temperatures above 65°C without transmission loss. 

FISBA is a worldwide leading supplier of customized optical components and systems for defense & security and life sciences industries. With over sixty years of experience in optics and over ten in precision glass molding, FISBA’s team of experts are ready with solutions for the most challenging projects. FISBA operates from locations in Switzerland, Germany and the US. Discover more at fisba.com.


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