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New Product News

"F"= new "faster and smaller" VTV-9000 high-end model

ViSCO Technologies USA, Inc.

We are pleased to announce the addition of a new model “VTV-9000F” to the compact and versatile machine vision system VTV-9000 series. This is a new high-end model of the VTV-9000 series, developed to meet the needs of customers for a faster and more compact system, while incorporating traditional concepts.

VTV-9000ST has offered the fastest processing in the series so far; the new high-end model, "F", offers even faster performance; with downsizing the footprint down to approximately 45% of the dimension of ST, it offers advantages such as smaller footprint and trimmed weight.

Model lineup

  • 2-camera setup
  • 4-camera setup
  • 2-camera connection supporting high-speed camera

ViSCO original VT Digital camera can be connected.


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