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New Product News

Eye Vision Technology Presents the Machine Vision Software for 3D Inspection, EyeVision 3D

EVT Eye Vision Technology GmbH

EyeVision 3D – ProfileMatch command
The command "Profile Match“ is actually a Matching Tool for 1D-applications. The command can detect a profile, shape or pattern, which has been taught-in before.

For example the command can be used for the inspection of weld seams or adhesive beads. The command checks if the taught-in profile matches the actual profile. In case the tool detects an error, it calculates how big the difference is.

The "Profile Match“ tool raises the alarm, when errors such as "area“ occur. This means that for example, when checking a weld seam, it is too wide, which means there is a "area“. And there is also the error "hole“, which means that there is a disruption, for example, in the adhesive bead.

EyeVision 3D – Pin Inspection with EyeScan AT 3D
The EyeScan AT 3D lasertriangulation sensor checks pins.

If they have the correct height, are in order or are missing, have the correct position, etc.

The EyeVision 3D software has many commands measure in 3D point coulds.


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