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Europa Science Acquires Optics and Laser Europe Magazine (OLE)


Cambridge, England - The leading photonics publication Electro Optics is to improve still further its service to the industry worldwide, as a result of acquiring Optics and Laser Europe magazine from IOP Publishing.

‘We are very pleased to be able to offer our own, distinctively high-quality service to the readers of Optics and Laser Europe and thus support the European and international communities in advancing photonics,’ said Warren Clark, Director of the Photonics Division of Europa Science Ltd, the owners of Electro Optics.  ‘Optics and Laser Europe is, rightly, a highly respected publication and its incorporation into Electro Optics will allow us to take the lead in serving the international optics industry.’

‘The deal is a win-win for OLE readers and advertisers, as well as for Europa Science and ourselves,’ explained Michael Bray, finance director at IOP Publishing.  ‘With a new publisher, OLE will continue to be a must-read publication for those in the optics and photonics industry.’

In a progressive programme of growth in its circulation and frequency, Electro Optics will be published ten times a year from the beginning of 2011 and will circulate to registered readers of Optics and Laser Europe, in addition to its own highly-targeted loyal readership.  It will also benefit from investment in editorial resource and improved digital and web facilities.

As part of the agreement, Europa Science Ltd will also acquire Fibre Systems Europe from IOP Publishing.

Optics and Laser Europe was launched by IOP Publishing in 1992 to cover science, technology and innovation across the international optics community. 

Fibre Systems Europe was launched by IOP Publishing in 1996 to cover developments in optical fibre communications technology.

Additional information
Europa Science Ltd is a publishing company specialising in European scientific, technical and medical markets.  Established in 2002, the Cambridge-based company now has seven titles and is expanding rapidly.  Its flagship title, Electro Optics, is Europe's original photonics title for business and applications and is celebrating 42 years of publishing in 2010. For all advertising enquiries in Electro Optics, now incorporating Optics and Laser Europe, please contact Jon Hunt on +44 1223 211158 


IOP Publishing is a leading international scientific publisher with offices in Europe, North America and Asia.  The company publishes a range of journals, community websites and magazines, including Physics World, the membership title of the Institute of Physics.  IOP Publishing has a portfolio of more than 60 journals which reflect the growth and interdisciplinary nature of scientific research and application, from topics as varied as astronomy, mathematics, the biosciences and, of course, physics.  A world leader in the development of electronic publishing, IOP Publishing is constantly developing innovative online resources to meet the emerging needs of research scientists and STM librarians.


Warren Clark
Publishing Director
Europa Science
The Spectrum Building
The Michael Young Centre
Purbeck Road
Tel: +44 (0)1223 211196
Fax: +44 (0)1223 211107
Web: www.europascience.com
Skype: warrenateuropa

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