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Equipment Financing helps ease Capital Expense, shortens Return on Investment for Machine Vision Customers

MoviTHERM - Advanced Thermography Solutions

Epsilon Technologies International, LLC doing business as MoviMED & MoviTHERM is partnering with SCL Equipment Finance to offer attractive equipment financing.

IRVINE, CA, USA,  — The need to innovate and automate using machine vision technology is often hindered by lengthy capital expense budget approval processes. Consumer products get shipped un-inspected and processes go un-monitored for months on end while waiting for internal budget approvals. Continual process improvements are being put on hold, while awaiting completion of the lengthy financial approval process. Smaller companies may face additional challenges by not being able to afford a highly sought-after machine vision solution at all.

We are excited to help our customers realize their automation goals faster. Our new equipment finance programs help accelerate their return on investment, while preserving their working capital!
Markus Tarin, President & CEO, MoviMED / MoviTHERM

Flexible equipment financing options can be a valuable tool in overcoming these challenges of today’s manufacturers. For example, a lease-to-own program will allow a company to acquire capital equipment in a short period of time and put it to work, while making affordable monthly payments. More often than not, the monthly return on investment of the machine vision equipment exceeds the cost of the lease payment, thus leading to an instant positive cash flow.

Additionally, customers can take advantage of the recently changed tax laws to fully write off the purchase price of the equipment in the first year, while stretching the payments over two, three or more years.

As interest rates are rising, more companies are electing to take advantage of equipment financing to stay competitive and keep innovating, while preserving their working capital.

About MoviTHERM 
MoviTHERM – Advanced Thermography Solutions is a FLIR Systems, Inc. distributor for FLIR thermal cameras and application specific thermal imaging solutions. The company offers infrared thermal imaging systems for remote monitoring, automated thermal imaging and non-destructive testing. Thermal imaging solutions include: Non-Destructive Test Systems for Flash/Pulse Thermography, Transient Thermography and Lockin Thermography for Carbon Composites, thermal monitoring for electrical sub-stations, fire detection, critical vessel monitoring, condition and machine monitoring, gas flare stack monitoring, thermal package seal inspection systems, optical gas leak detection and many other temperature related process control and monitoring applications. MoviTHERM also provides components for integrators that would like to build their own thermal imaging systems, such as thermal cameras, protective housing and enclosures for aerospace, oil and gas, industrial, general manufacturing and research.

About MoviMED 
MoviMED is a distributor and systems integrator for industrial 3D Imaging Solutions. The company is located in Irvine, CA, USA. Founded in 1999, the company employs a customer-centered business model to provide cost-effective and targeted solutions for manufacturing companies in a variety of industries. Competencies include advanced 3D imaging with technologies such as time of flight sensors, stereoscopic imaging, laser triangulation and confocal microscopy. MoviMED provides sensors and cameras, know-how, consulting, technical support as well as custom software development all the way to turnkey system solutions. Design capabilities also include complex motion control and robotics for scanning, part manipulation as well as pick and place applications. MoviMED is a National Instruments Alliance Partner Silver – Vision Specialty.

About SCL Equipment Finance
Southern California Leasing, Inc., and its division – SCL Equipment Finance, has been in business since 1992. The company is a nationwide equipment financing company servicing small-to-mid-sized businesses in the United States and Canada. One of the unique things the company offers is the ability to structure various lease transactions and bring funding to all types of businesses. SCL finance has a particularly strong presence in the broadcast/production, construction, medical and packaging industries. Utilizing multiple funding sources, SCL Finance provides highly competitive rates, flexible terms, fast credit approvals and custom-tailored financing solutions to their customers. Other than their traditional equipment financing programs, they also have working capital and SBA programs available to businesses.


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