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New Product News

Emergent Vision Technologies Inc launches world's first 10GigEVision cameras

Emergent Vision Technologies Inc.

World's first 10GigEVision cameras arrive in style!

Emergent's latest 10 GigE camera product offerings range from 2-megapixel to 4-megapixel in Monochrome or Color with full frame rates up to 352 fps and 187 fps respectively and peak datarates of 9Gbps in applicable modes. The cameras are available in up to 10-bit mode utilizing 10GE SFP+ interface with a variety of cabling options that allow long distances with the fiber options. Combined with GigEVision and GenICam compatibility makes the Emergent Vision Technologies cameras the most affordable, ultra high speed camera solution for industrial imaging.

About Emergent Vision Technologies
Emergent Vision Technologies develops Ultra High Speed cameras for industrial imaging and machine vision applications. Founded in 2007, Emergent's corporate headquarters is located in Coquitlam, B.C. Canada bringing together over 40 years of imaging experience ranging from life science, security and machine vision/industrial markets.


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