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Emergent Vision Technologies Inc Announces Dissem Co. Ltd. as New Distributor

Emergent Vision Technologies Inc.

Emergent Vision Technologies has appointed Dissem Co. Ltd. as an official distributor in Korea.

About Dissem Co. Ltd.
DISSEM in South Korea, supplies for Total Vision Solution to customers, in order to manufacture
superior machines and to provide faster and better customer service, not only increases the
productivity, but also tries to develop various machines such as semiconductor, mobile phones,
automobiles and foods. Furthermore we have been working in partnership with Germany, Canada,
America, Switzerland and Japan as foreign companies and supplying industrial cameras, lens,
illuminations, industrial PC. DISSEM has possessed industrial property right about utility model
right of equipments and patents by keeping trying to technical development. We are praised for our
technical development and new technologies by attract the Korea Development Bank investment.
We received commendation from Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries and prime minister.
Furthermore, we are certified top company at An-yang city, bright small & medium enterprises of
Banks and Gyeonggi-Do. Executives and staff members of DISSEM are going to try to focus on our
business policy Leading companies based on the best technical improvement and management of
human-centered by effective time management. We would like to promises you that we are at the
center of small & medium enterprises in Korea Republic by developing new technologies and practicing
transparent management.

For more information, please visit www.dissem.co.kr

About Emergent Vision Technologies
The industry's FIRST 10 GIGE Cameras from Emergent Vision Technologies deliver exceptional performance that is very cost-effective.

Products include:
HS-2000: 2MP (338fps), Color/Mono/NIR
HS-4000: 4MP (179fps), Color/Mono/NIR
HS-12000: 12MP (87fps), Color/Mono
SFP+ interface: fiber direct options for camera to PC.
Fiber Options to 300m (SR) and to 10km+ (LR).
SFP+ direct attach cabling options for shorter distance, minimal cost applications.
Software solution providing <3% CPU overhead for Windows and Linux.
Built-in image processing.
eCapture Viewer and eSDK available.

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