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EPSON Robots Wins Machine Vision Award

EPSON Robots

Carson, CA. --- June 24, 2003 --- At the recent International Robots and Vision Show, EPSON Robots won the prestigious Robotics World Machine Vision Award for its unique vision guided conveyor tracking demonstration. The award winning workcell used a side mounted EPSON E2C351 SCARA robot attached to a wall mounted EPSON EZ Module equipped with vision guidance and conveyor tracking.

After the vision system found a part on a continuously moving conveyor, the combined SCARA/linear module robot would simultaneously track the part on the conveyor and perform a simulated dispensing application. The entire workcell was controlled by a single EPSON RC520 PC-based controller. Edward Mueller, publisher of Robotics World, presented the award to EPSON Robots.

‘‘We are very happy to have won this award,’‘ said Michael Ferrara, Director of EPSON Robots. ‘‘To be selected by Robotics World, the primary magazine of our industry, at our industry’s biggest trade show is a real honor. It shows that after twenty years, EPSON Robots is still recognized as a leader.’‘

With more than 17,000 installed units worldwide and offices in Asia, Europe and North America, Epson Factory Automation Robotics is a leading supplier of robots, controllers and vision guidance products. This equipment is used in the manufacturing of appliance, automotive, biotechnology, consumer, electronics, food, medical, pharmaceutical, photonics, semiconductor and telecommunication products.

John Clark
EPSON Robots
18300 Central Avenue
Carson, CA  90746

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