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New Product News

EMCCD Sensor Produces High Image Quality in Low Light Applications

Framos Technologies Inc.

EMCCD image sensorThe KAE-08151 manufactured by ON Semiconductor is an EMCCD image sensor that provides exceptional imaging performance in extreme low light applications and in direct sunlight. The BMP sensor is obtainable from FRAMOS and features a very wide dynamic range and very low image noise. This benefits applications in ITS, surveillance, and scientific and medical imaging.

The rectangular 4/3“ sensor features Interline Transfer and Electron Multiplying, combining two successful imaging techniques to achieve a dynamic range of 86 dB and low readout noise of under 1 e in Intra-Scene Mode. Depending on the type of light incidence, pixel readout is routed either through the regular CCD output or the electron multiplier. This mode of selection enables focused and high contrast imaging in a variety of light applications, such as direct sunlight or low light night scenes.

Sibel Yorulmaz- Cokugur from FRAMOS, the sensor specialists, explains the sensor's unique qualities, “ON Semiconductor is the only sensor producer to offer IT EMCCD technology and sensor sensitivity ranging from 0.0002 lux in the sub-lux range to direct sunlight at 10,000 lux. In both cases, the sensor achieves very good image quality. The KAE-08151 is specially designed for use in varying light applications in the surveillance and traffic sectors, as well as in scientific and medical applications.”

Benefits for Surveillance, Medicine, and Science
Its day and night capability makes the KAE-08151 from ON Semiconductor the best choice for 24/7 operations for driver assistance systems, outdoor surveillance, aviation, traffic surveillance, and toll bridges. The medical and scientific sectors also profit from high focus images at low light incidence. High contrast and low readout noise are features that also benefit microscopy, fluoroscopy, ophthalmology, and dermatology.

Industry and product experts at FRAMOS apply their profound knowledge of sensors and systems to support customers in integrating new sensors in their applications and projects, together with additional services such as development support, customizations, and logistics. FRAMOS is exhibiting the new IT EMCCD sensors from ON Semiconductor at the Vision Show in Stuttgart, in Hall 1, Booth D41.


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