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Datacube and MVTec Partner to Bring Machine Vision Performance to New Level for OEMs

MVTec Software GmbH

Danvers, MA, April 1, 2002 - Datacube, Inc., a leading supplier of high-performance image processing hardware, software, and systems, today announced that it has entered into an agreement with MVTec Software GmbH to bundle the well-established HALCON 6.1 Machine Vision Software Tools with its MaxRevolution and MaxPCI family of frame grabbers and image processors.  This powerful combination of real-time image processing hardware and highly robust machine vision software provides OEMs and system integrators with a new level of performance above traditional host-based machine vision software offerings.

According to Tom Hospod, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Datacube,  "We see the union of Datacube hardware and MVTec software as a powerful combination that enables OEMs and system integrators to advance their machine vision performance to new heights."  Hospod continued with, "For the first time, users of HALCON software will be able to accelerate time-consuming image preprocessing steps on-the-fly, thereby increasing their overall system throughput and responsiveness."

Commenting on this new relationship, Olaf Munkelt, Managing Director of MVTec stated, "Historically, host-based machine vision software performance has been solely governed by advances in host CPU and PCI bus bandwidth."   Mr. Munkelt further commented,  "Now our customers have highly cost-effective hardware from Datacube to preprocess images on-the-fly, transfer them with high speed to main memory, and finally process them with the full capabilities of HALCON. This reduces the overall processing time while maintaining high flexibility."

HALCON provides a unique machine vision software development tool that enables OEMs and system integrators to build high performance systems with unmatched flexibility and robustness.   The software is used worldwide for product development, research, and education.  HALCON provides 990 image processing and analysis operators covering a wide range of time-critical machine vision automation applications such as factory automation, robotic guidance, quality inspection, remote sensing and aerial image interpretation, medical image analysis, and surveillance tasks.  Key features of HALCON software include:

  • Pattern recognition, blob analysis, OCR/OCV, bar code reading (1-D & 2-D), and measurement tools...  
  • Simplified programming in ActiveX (COM), Visual Basic, C, and C++  
  • Intuitive development environment (HDevelop)  
  • Geometric pattern finding tools  (rotation and scale invariant)
  • Support of multi-processor computers 
  • Available for Windows NT / 2000 / XP, Linux, UNIX

On the hardware side of the package, Datacube frame grabber and image processor hardware products range from the MaxPCI - a modular 40MHz pipeline processor for analog and digital video sources -, to the MaxRevolution - a single-board, FPGA-based 100MHz pipeline processor for digital (CameraLink and LVDS) video sources.  All Datacube frame grabber and image processor products are designed for ultra-high bandwidth (up to 850 Mpixels/sec) imaging, and provide real-time processing for such operations as:

  • Image warping (geometric transforms/correction)
  • Per-pixel gain & offset correction (for both 1-D & 2D image sensors)
  • Data reduction and compression (e.g., RLE, jpeg)
  • Convolutions & neighborhood processing
  • Binary correlation
  • Frequency spectrum analysis (e.g., FFT & IFFT)

Pricing and Availability
MaxRevolution and HALCON 6.1 bundled hardware and software pricing starts at $3156 US list price, quantity one. Substantial OEM discounts apply with moderate volumes.  Delivery is 1-2 weeks.

For additional information, contact:
Tom Hospod Olaf Munkelt
Datacube, Incorporated MVTec Software GmbH
Phone: 978-777-4200 Phone: +49 (89) 457 695 0
Fax: 978-777-3117 Fax: +49 (89) 457 695 55
www.datacube.com www.mvtec.com

About The Companies
Datacube, Incorporated, is a leading supplier of image processing hardware, software, and systems.  From cost-effective frame grabbers to ultra-high performance pipeline image processors, Datacube products have consistently earned high marks of distinction for their ability to solve some of the industry's most demanding industrial and scientific imaging applications.  Since its founding in 1978, leading OEMs, system integrators, and volume end-users throughout the semiconductor, electronics, medical, military, aerospace, and discrete manufacturing industries have come to rely on Datacube for solutions to their high-bandwidth image processing and analysis requirements.  In addition to its corporate headquarters in Danvers, Massachusetts, USA, Datacube also maintains regional sales and service facilities located throughout North America, Japan, Southeast Asia, and Europe.

MVTec Software GmbH is a leading international supplier of software tools for machine vision. Their HALCON and ActivVisionTools software are used in highly demanding areas of image processing such as semiconductor, web inspection, quality control, medical, and surveillance.  As the developer and supplier of the general purpose machine vision software package HALCON,  MVTec enables OEMs and system integrators to quickly set up their own solutions for a specific machine vision problems such as finding and measuring objects, reading bar codes, or blob analysis.

Tom Hospod
Datacube, Incorporated
Phone: 978-777-4200
Fax: 978-777-3117


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