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DVT Expands Corporate Headquarters for 5th Time in 11 Years

Cognex Corporation

Duluth, GA, June 3, 2003 – DVT Corporation, the global leader in SmartImage Sensor technology, has moved into new corporate headquarters in Duluth, Georgia. The new facility has three times the floor space of the previous building and features an expanded Global Training Center and communications infrastructure to support DVT’s commitment to classroom training and web-based technical support. Both of these services, as well as DVT’s FrameWork operating software and software upgrades, are provided totally free of charge.

Speaking of their new facility, DVT’s CEO and Chairman, Bob Steinke stated, ‘‘DVT is a company based on the principle of Servant Leadership, and this beautiful new headquarters will allow us to provide even better service to our customers and business partners. Servant Leadership means putting the needs of our customers and partners ahead of our own needs. Instead of asking, ‘‘What’s in it for me?’‘ a Servant Leader would ask, ‘‘How may I serve you?’‘ We measure our success by how well we execute this concept.’‘

‘‘For example, our new Global Training Center accommodates 40 students in a state-of-the-art, 4-tier classroom with stadium seating,’‘ Steinke continued. ‘‘Every workstation is equipped with one of DVT’s most up-to-date vision systems, a Pentium® 4-based computer and flat panel monitor. The Training Center is linked to an adjacent Online Conference Center that can be used as an overflow classroom to accommodate another 20 students via video link.’‘

‘‘A new Demo Center provides visitors a hands-on opportunity to see real world displays that highlight the flexibility and wide range of applications provided by our vision systems,’‘ noted Dr. Michael Schreiber, Director of Applied Engineering. ‘‘Applications like parts inspection, robotic guidance, motion control, and bar code reading can all be handled easily. The new facility also features eight conference rooms, each of which is designed and equipped to conduct video conferencing to support our growing usage of DVT Online Conferencing as a diagnostic and troubleshooting tool.’‘

Speaking of the facility’s communications capabilities, DVT’s Director of IT, Dr. Phil Heil notes, ‘‘We are currently using a partial T3 line that provides a 3 MBit/s data transfer rate – and the ability to ramp up to 45 MBit/s as our demand for online conferencing grows. And to ensure a high level of support, we have a T1 line that serves as our backup.’‘

DVT is recognized as a market leader in machine vision products and is the only manufacturer in the industry to provide free classroom, online and CD-based training; free operating software and software upgrades; and free online diagnostics and troubleshooting. In fact, DVT provides more than 10,000 man-days of free training annually.

CEO Steinke noted, ‘‘We believe that our commitment to Servant Leadership (as evidenced by our policy of providing free training, software and technical support) is why we have experienced eleven consecutive years of record growth’‘.

In addition to the new global headquarters in Atlanta, DVT has 20 regional/country offices (including the US, UK, Germany, Sweden, France, Mexico, Singapore, Korea, Japan and China), 130 global Automation Solution Providers offering technical and sales support, and more than 500 System Integrator partners.

For more information about DVT, our products - or Servant Leadership, contact DVT Corporation, 1855 Satellite Blvd., Suite 100, Duluth, Georgia; call (770) 814-7920; or visit our website at www.cognex/Main.aspx.

Key contacts: Bob Steinke, Chairman  & CEO 
Emory Berry, CFO   
Bob Settle, Director of Marketing 

Richard Daigle
DVT Corporation
Ph:   (770) 814-7920
Fax:  (770) 814-7925

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