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DVT Announces Buy-Back Program for Any Machine Vision System

Cognex Corporation

Special offer available through June 30, 2001

Atlanta, April 27, 2001 - DVT Corporation (Norcross, GA) has announced a Buy-Back program that allows users of any machine vision system to upgrade to the DVT Model 630 SmartImage Sensor. A special price of $2,995 (normally $4995) for the Model 630 is being offered in conjunction with this initiative along with DVT's free FrameWork software and free training. To qualify for this special pricing, a lens and light must be purchased at standard price levels.

"This Buy-Back program will allow our customers to update their on-line inspections with DVT's Series 600 technology while adding speed and resolution that was not available with our older Stinger, 700 and 800 models," said Bob Steinke, Chairman and CEO of DVT Corporation. "DVT is also offering to replace competitive vision systems - even if they are not working, or if software is no longer supported. It's a win-win situation for everyone."

The Series 600 SmartImage Sensor uses Ethernet communications to deliver vital information to key players in the manufacturing enterprise. Typical applications include automatic part identification, data capture and part tracking with OCR, 1-D and 2D barcode reading; coordinate communication to motion controllers for robot positioning; and report inspection results to SPC packages for quality assurance. DeviceNet, Profibus and Modbus support available.

Details of DVT's Buy-Back Program:

  • Model 630 (camera only) upgrade for special $2,995 price 
  • Must purchase light and lens from DVT at regular price 
  • Buy-Back program and $2,995 price available immediately through June 30, 2001


  • To prove eligibility, a one-for-one hardware replacement is required for Stinger, 700, 800 and 800 multiplexer systems (800 multiplex system includes processor, multiplexer and a one-for-one swap out of each head)
  • Competitive vision products are eligible for the special $2,995 Buy-Back program; all competitive software and hardware must be returned to DVT

Headquartered in Norcross, GA, DVT Corporation ignited the machine vision revolution in the early 1990s with SmartImage Sensors and has continued to upgrade, enhance and integrate the technology into the most cost-effective vision systems in the industry.  Starting at $2995, all SmartImage Sensors are Ethernet ready.  Whether implemented as a simple, direct connection between the SmartImage Sensor and a computer, or as a connection that crosses the globe via the Internet, DVT exploits the Ethernet's architecture to bring real-time inspections to any aspect of a company's enterprise. 


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