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Concurrent EDA Certified as VisualApplets Design Center

Silicon Software GmbH

VisualApplets graphical design for laser triangulationNorth American VisualApplets Design Center for Silicon Software's FPGA Software

Mannheim (Germany) – Silicon Software GmbH, manufacturer of frame grabbers and intelligent image processing solutions, certifies Concurrent EDA as new development partner for the North American market for its graphical FPGA programming software VisualApplets. The company has been certified as “VisualApplets Design Center” for its outstanding expertise in creating complex FPGA hardware designs directly from customer software as new custom operators.

The certification recognizes Concurrent EDA as an expert in VisualApplets applications design in North America for high-performance image processing applications. To get the certificate, companies verify their practice expertise by successful implementations. Outstanding project of Concurrent EDA was the conversion of customer’s Machine Vision library elements from C code in VHDL and the integration as custom operators into the VisualApplets design environment using the VisualApplets Expert extension. “VHDL based custom operators in VisualApplets combine the best of both worlds, the control of VHDL computations with the frame-level design of VisualApplets”, says Dr. Ray Hoare, President and CEO of Concurrent EDA. “Compared to pure VHDL development, VisualApplets reduced our design time from 6-months to 6-weeks. As VisualApplets Design Center, we look forward applying this expertise to our customer’s designs.” Customers can utilize Concurrent EDA to create custom operators for VisualApplets as well as to provide complete designs.

The new partner also acquired expertise in the embedding VisualApplets into custom cameras and embedded systems. Moving beyond frame grabbers, VisualApplets Embedder enables integrating VisualApplets into hardware designs on multiple FPGA platforms, turning it into a powerful and unique piece of customized hardware. “A fundamental advantage of VisualApplets is being able to look at frames rather than waveforms of individual signals. VisualApplets enables us to focus on image processing algorithms instead of VHDL syntax”, states Dr. Hoare. This enables users to inspect full images at any point in the design.

“We have found VisualApplets to be well documented, expertly designed, and a pleasure to use. There is no way we would have been able to create our complex designs by hand in the short period of time that we did with Visual Applets.”

About Concurrent EDA
Concurrent EDA, based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., specializes in creating high-performance FPGA designs directly from customer software (MatLab, OpenCV) for high-performance image and signal processing applications with critical real-time requirements. The company is a distributor of high performance FPGA cores and also offers integrated FPGA systems.

About Silicon Software GmbH
Silicon Software, located in Mannheim/Germany, Nashua/USA and Laval/Canada, is a manufacturer of frame grabbers and intelligent image preprocessing solutions for industrial image processing based on reprogrammable FPGA technology. The company markets standard products as well as customer-specific OEM solutions for machine vision and inspection in automation. Further emphases include graphical programming environments and image processing libraries for real-time applications on FPGA vision processors. Hard- and software products are particularly distinguished by their high flexibility, high performance, and ease of use. Silicon Software is an independent company of Basler.


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