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Common Vision Blox 2011 MultiOS: Operating System and Hardware Independent


Common Vision Blox 2011 MultiOS: Operating system and hardware independent 

Common Vision Blox 2011 MultiOS from StemmerThe new Common Vision Blox version, CVB 2011 MultiOS, from STEMMER IMAGING is the perfect software platform for a fast and reliable development of imaging and machine vision applications based on different operating systems.

The new CVB 2011 MultiOS is very flexible with regards to the operating system used. 32-bit versions of Windows (XP, Vista, 7) as well as Windows 7 (64-bit) and Linux 64-bit (Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Mint) are supported. CVB 2011 MultiOS includes fundamental functionality for image acquisition, image access and display, as well as comprehensive algorithms for image analysis based on modern architecture.

The previous strengths of CVB, such as support for the latest acquisition technologies with maximum performance, or flexible access to image data for implementation of custom algorithms, have also been upgraded with the new version. The basic library, CVB Foundation Package, can be extended modularly with the well-proven CVB tools based on specific imaging algorithms. STEMMER IMAGING also implemented an advanced dongle concept not only for protection of all modules and applications, but also for protection of customer know-how.

CVB 2011 MultiOS can be extended with Point Cloud Management and thus offers the perfect base for the realisation of 3D applications supporting state-of-the art 3D cameras.

Comprehensive analysis tools, easy porting thanks to source code compatibility as well as complete support of the GigE Vision and GenICam standards, including Gen TL Consumer, prove the performance of the established imaging software library from STEMMER IMAGING.

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