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Cognex Corporation Patent: Machine Vision Method Using Search Models to Find Features in Three-Dimensional Images

Cognex Corporation

U.S. Patents: Abstract: A system and method for analyzing 3D captured image data of scanned surfaces to locate object of interest, such as solder balls. A 3D model is created of an object of interest, the 3D model including weighted "don't care" areas where a match is not required. The 3D models which are used include geometric shapes, including a frustum, and models created from actual 3D image data of real objects. The 3D captured image data is processed to locate objects matching the 3D models, including processing by normalized correlation. Once the objects are located, the system selects data points within the 3D captured image data that are a predetermined distance away from the located objects. These data points are analyzed to determine a surface plane which fits the selected data points, thereby locating the surface in the 3D capture image data.

Ex Claim Text: In a system for analyzing three dimensional image data obtained by a three dimensional imaging system, a method for locating objects of interest in said three dimensional image data comprising: defining a three dimensional spatial model of at least one object of interest, said three dimensional spatial model having three spatial coordinates and modeling said three dimensional size and shape of said at least one object of interest; comparing said three dimensional spatial model to said three dimensional image data using normalized correlation; providing an indication if said three dimensional spatial model matches part of said three dimensional image data.

Patent Number: 6539107

Issue Date: 2003 03 25

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Inventor(s): Michael, David J.

Wallack, Aaron S.

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