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Chinese Inspection Machine Maker Fined for Falsely Advertising Navitar® Lenses

Navitar Inc.

Dongguan, China - Navitar, Inc., announced today that Chinese metrology machine maker, Dongguan Jiateng Instrument Co., Ltd. of China, and it’s owner Peng Xiong-liang, were fined 20,000 RMB by the local Dongguan China Bureau of Administration for Industry & Commerce (AIC) for falsely advertising on its website, advertisements, and brochures that Jaten metrology inspection machines included Navitar® trademarked video microscope lenses as components, when in fact, they did not.

Jiateng, also known as Jaten Precision Instrument, was ordered by the Dongguan AIC on March 24, 2014 to immediately cease its illegal conduct of unfair competition and false advertising as it violated Paragraph 1, Article 9 of the Anti-unfair Competition Law of the People’s Republic of China (PRC). In accordance with Paragraph 1, Article 24 of the Anti-unfair Competition Law of the PRC, the bureau has penalized Jiateng.

Navitar, Inc., also announced their attorneys in China, Kangda Law Firm Shanghai Office, have recently enlisted the help of local Province AIC offices to take action against additional local Chinese metrology machine makers that are also engaging in false print and online advertising by stating their metrology machines include Navitar® lenses, when they do not. Navitar contends that these companies did not purchase lens products from Navitar directly or through a Navitar authorized dealer in China or otherwise, and they are not authorized to utilize the Navitar® trademark or Navitar® brand name in any manner.

Navitar, Inc.’s President, Julian Goldstein, explains Navitar’s actions in China: “The local AIC investigations are of great significance in the defense of Navitar’s intellectual property rights in China. The action taken by the AIC offers a further element of protection of local Navitar dealers and OEM customers that compete lawfully in the local markets. Navitar, Inc. has a long history of vigorously protecting its intellectual property rights in China and other countries. Navitar will bear any financial burden and take any steps necessary, at any cost, to protect the integrity of our company and brand name; to safeguard our dealers, distribution channels, and above all, protect our true and loyal customers.”

Mr. Goldstein added that Navitar, Inc., will continue to identify and take swift legal action against others who falsely advertise their products, attempt to deceive and mislead the public, and compete unfairly against Navitar, Inc. and Navitar, Inc.’s distributors.

About Navitar, Inc.
Navitar produces high-magnification imaging optics, precision laser optical assemblies, and custom microscopy systems for a variety of automated medical and biotechnology processes including flow cytometry, live cell analysis, fluorescence imaging, DNA sequencing, in vitro fertilization, stem cell imaging, and two-photon microscopy. Navitar’s micro-imaging optics provide the same high-quality, high-magnification images of traditional microscopes while enabling leading equipment manufacturers to develop lower cost, more compact, and higher performing medical instruments. For more information about Navitar, Inc. and its vast offering of innovative products visit the company’s website.

Press Contact
Amy Block, Marketing Director
Navitar, Inc.

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