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Change of GigE Vision™ Committee Vice-Chair Appointment Announced



(Ann Arbor, Michigan – July 1, 2008)  Vincent Rowley, Product Engineer, has replaced Francois Gobeil, Senior Software Engineer, both of Pleora Technologies, as the Vice-Chair for the GigE Vision™ Committee. This is a technical committee made up of industry representatives responsible for the continuing development of the standard, led by long-time Chair Eric Carey, Research and Development Director for DALSA. Mr. Gobeil will, however, continue his important work with the committee.  'I'd like to thank Francois Gobeil for his hard work on the GigE Vision™ committee,' said Jeff Fryman, Director, Standards Development at the Automated Imaging Association (AIA), the hosting body of this industry standard. 'His work on the Validation Framework has been invaluable, and I thank him for that effort. We look forward to working closely with Vincent Rowley as we go forward.'

The Automated Imaging Association (AIA), the global trade group that oversees the ongoing development and administration of the standard, also recently held a PlugFest and GigE Vision™ committee meeting during The Vision Show in Boston, Massachusetts, to keep the standard progressing.  There were many new products displayed at The Vision Show that use the GigE Vision™ interface.
 The GigE Vision™ logo assures customers that the equipment they purchase has been certified as compliant.  It is the industry’s goal to ensure that all GigE Vision™ components on the market have been tested and certified to communicate seamlessly with each other not only now, but also down the road, allowing for truly scalable solutions. 

GigE Vision™ provides the machine vision industry with cameras and related components that support longer cable lengths without regeneration, providing solutions with reduced complexity and lower costs by using standard Ethernet equipment; supports high bandwidth suitable for 90% of today’s vision applications and allows a natural progression to next generation (10 GigE) systems; and provides networking flexibility, using camera-to-PC connections and a processing approach that can be tailored to each application.

Consumers can look for the logo to help them differentiate between compliant GigE Vision™ products and products simply using gigabit Ethernet and not the GigE Vision™ protocol.

About GigE Vision™
GigE Vision™ is a camera interface standard developed using the Gigabit Ethernet communication protocol.  GigE Vision™ is the first standard to allow fast transfer (1000 Mbps) of data using low cost standard cables over very long lengths (up to 100 meters).  With GigE Vision™, hardware and software from different vendors can interoperate seamlessly over GigE connections.  The highly scalable interface will follow the growth of Ethernet bandwidth.  As 10GigE becomes the mainstream protocol, GigE Vision™ will be the fastest connection in the industry.  Only products carrying the official GigE Vision™ logo have been certified as compliant. GigE Vision™ version 1.0 was released May 2006 at The Vision Show East in Boston, Massachusetts. For more information about standards, please contact Jeff Fryman, AIA’s Director of Standards, at 734-994-6088.
About AIA
Founded in 1984, AIA was organized specifically to promote the understanding and use of image capture and analysis technology and now represents over 300 machine vision suppliers, system integrators, users, researchers, and consulting firms from 26 countries.  In addition to administering GigE Vision™ and Camera Link® standards, the AIA is best-known for the annually produced Machine Vision Market Study; The annual Vision Show and Conference (Phoenix, Arizona, March 31 - April 2, 2009); the biennial International Robots, Vision & Motion Control Show (June 9-11, 2009 in Chicago); its annual AIA Business Conference (February 4-6, 2009 in San Diego, California); and Machine Vision Online (www.MachineVisionOnline.org), the world’s leading online resource for machine vision information.

For more information on AIA, visit www.MachineVisionOnline.org or contact AIA Headquarters at (734) 994-6088.

Kathleen Straight
Marketing and PR Manager

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