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New Product News

CCS releases tunnel dome lights as first product under new brand CCSAItec

CCS Inc.

CCSAltecCCS Inc., in partnership with Yokohama-based lighting manufacturer AITEC SYSTEM Co.,Ltd. (AItec), has launched CCSAItec, a new brand of line lights that combines CCS’s extensive lighting knowledge and AItec’s expertise in line scan illumination, addressing the industry's rapidly growing need for high-performance lighting at longer lengths.

The companies will initially deliver two versions of a tunnel dome light:

The LN-EAA and the LN-EBA Series are high-illuminance tunnel dome lights with natural cooling for uniform illumination and are ideal solutions for inspection of uneven or irregular surfaces in line sensor and line scan applications. Key examples include PCB production inspections, inspecting steel and sheet metal, or glass inspection. Available up to 1.6 m in white.

CCSAItec will focus on expanding solutions for the industry’s linescan sector, so that customers have the widest range of choice, performance and quality for their Machine Vision illumination needs.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us or visit our website.


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