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CCS features high-performing OLED Series, Intelligent Lighting, and other new technologies at VISION Stuttgart

CCS Inc.

 OLED Series Flat LightsBrussels, Belgium, 3 October 2018 – CCS Inc. returns to VISION Stuttgart from November 6-8, 2018 with high-performance developments in core illumination technology, as well as in important drivers for the lighting sector: seamless integration of lighting and real-time lighting data.

The new OLED Series Flat Lights are just 3mm thick yet provide the brightness and uniformity required for applications like liquid level inspection and dimension measuring. The dedicated OLED controller from Gardasoft features CCS LT for Life Time intelligence data and precision control for accuracy, stability and safe overdrive. FASTUS Intelligent Lighting guarantees lighting intensity and integrates with GenICam for Industry 4.0 maintenance and performance data. CCS will also showcase plug & play developments (featuring seamless camera synchronization and easy strobing and overdrive), precision Dome Line Lights, and Laser Box Lighting.

Other exciting developments include new core LED lighting products that feature improved brightness and uniformity. This includes the LFVX Series Flat Dome Lights, the FPQ3 Series Low-Angle Square Lights, and the HLV3 Series Spot Lights. The diverse range of technology and products will be supplemented by multiple application demos. Particularly noteworthy is the LSS Series Computational Illumination demonstration showing photometric stereo with motion compensation.

About CCS

CCS is the global leader in LED lighting for machine vision applications, pioneering advances in Illumination and Photonics products and technologies. CCS offers a comprehensive range of machine vision lighting solutions: high-precision area and line scan illumination with special functions and intelligent lighting as well as plug & play lighting solutions.

Headquartered in Kyoto, Japan, CCS has over 25 years of experience in illumination and 15 locations worldwide. CCS manufactures the highest quality, largest selection of standard and custom products in the industry – providing the optimal lighting solution for customer applications. Please visit our website at www.ccs-grp.com for further information.


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