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CCS Announces a Major Strategic Initiative

CCS Inc.

 March 24, 2006 -- Mr. Kenji Yoneda, President of CCS, Inc of Kyoto, Japan, has announced a major strategic initiative for CCS, the market leader in machine vision lighting products.  The Board of Directors has approved a complete realignment of the European and American subsidiaries, CCSE and CCSA respectively. The goal is to reposition CCS as the major Global Company with a commanding presence in the International market.  Mr. Yoneda will personally assume the presidency of each subsidiary and will assign the overview of this project to a newly formed Corporate Planning Department now under the direction Mr. Hirooki Wada, Executive Managing Director.

In order to implement this Global Strategy, Mr. Yoneda has hired Mr. J. Marcel Laflamme, of  Siemens ( formerly RVSI/NER) as Executive Vice President of CCS Global Business effective March 20, 2006.  Mr. Laflamme, with 14 years of experience in the machine vision lighting market, will help to manage the American market and the European market during this fiscal year and will eventually control all of the global affiliated companies as General Manager of Global business operations for CCS.

Mr. Wada will assist this implementation from headquarters in Japan and will develop the Corporate backup and support for this international marketing and sales effort.

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