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New Product News

CCS America's new LSS-2404 supports Computational Imaging functions

CCS Inc.

The LSS-2404 Computational Illumination Controller from CCS America is a programmable switch designed to be the center of any computational imaging system. An easy to use GUI and SDK make it simple for any level user to quickly create and program the lighting sequences needed for any Computational Imaging technique. Using an external system trigger, the LSS-2404 Light Sequencing Switch executes a pre-programmed sequence of lighting on the 4 channels and outputs a correlated camera trigger, automatically timing an external camera exposure to the programmed lighting sequence. The LSS-2404 may be set-up as either master or slave in a system. Its open-architecture design can be integrated with industry-standard imaging software, any machine vision camera, and many smart cameras.  This technology allows better or previously impossible images to be created, resulting in more reliable Machine Vision systems, reduced development times and significantly lower costs. 


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