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Tech Papers

Blister Pack Visual Examination System

Beijing Microview Science and Technology Co., Ltd.


Blister pack visual examination system is used on pharmaceutical packing lines. It provides functions like quality examination& examination data recording during the packing process. It can detect defects like capsule absence, capsule broken, existence of foreign matters, etc. With these data defective blister packs can be removed. This progress improves efficiency and makes manufacture& quality control smarter.

Software interface


Product Introduction

Features to be detected

Inside: Absence, half, dark spot, dirty mark, hair, breakage, leakage, short body, dual cap, pocking, etc. 

Plate: Dirty mark, foreign matter, rough selvedge, aluminum foil crooked, deformation, hair, lack batch number, cobwebbing indistinct, fold, etc.

Parameter of examination

  • Specification: 130mm*100mm
  • Speed: 320-400pcs/min
  • Detection rate: 100%


Real-time defect data preserved

Equipped with a big memory, the system can store defect samples during high-speed examination so that the cause of defects can be easily found and manufacture can be improved.

Easy to use

The system is easy to use. Fast modeling can be performed specific to different products and then the examination area is automatically positioned. Examination of several different areas and quick change over are also supported.

Real-time display

Results & dynamic parameters are real time displayed. Defective blister packs can be accurately removed.


The system can be customized according to customer requirements.

Scope of application

Used by pharmaceutical companies. Used for tablets or capsules blister pack defect detection.

Detectable defect samples


Examination results diagram


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