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New Product News

Become the Ultimate Master of Bin Picking with the New Bin Picking Studio 1.4.0 from Photoneo


Bratislava, Slovakia - Photoneo team of experts invested months of endeavor to push automated bin picking to completely new realms - making the impossible real. The Bin Picking Studio 1.4.0 - with new features, upgrades, and enhancements. 

  • Avoid collisions - all of them - prevent the robot’s collision even with the part grasped during the de-approach picking path stage. 
  • Speed up your bin-picking - Spend 50% less time with starting up the application and enjoy 100 times faster waypoint computation. 
  • Localize parts with ease - Enjoy faster, more stable localization that allows you to define bounding boxes of localized objects and see their segmented image.  
  • Mount “the eyes” directly onto the robot - Mount a 3D scanner directly onto your robot to ensure high image resolution or scan from variable viewpoints to take a detailed look at the bin corners. 
  • Trajectory Inspector - Collisions are something that you never want to experience in real production life. With the new inspector feature, you will be able to fast-forward & rewind every robot action and check whether there is something in its path. This way colliding with any objects becomes a problem of the past. 
  • Environment builder - Draw simple collision objects directly in the Bin Picking Studio - quickly and effortlessly! Then trigger a scan and confirm your drawing with point clouds. 
  • Calibration made effectively - For successful bin picking, use our pre-configured calibration ball and embedded visualizer to help you with the calibration process. The new Bin Picking Studio also supports a hand-eye calibration. 
  • Smooth robot motion  - Enjoy the smoothest movement ever! We made waypoints mandatory and increased their number to 11. 

Finally, we had a closer look at our support of challenges our customers encounter. The Bin Picking Studio still keeps its position at the top of the ladder from the point of view of supported robotic brands & types. That is why we invested a lot of effort into bringing you error-free robot handling with an enhanced connection. Good news - we have even more types of robots in 1.4.0. We also made great improvements in the field of user experience. You can attach additional files to your solutions and keep all data in one place. Select your robots, grippers, and objects with ease and have them organized according to titles or in tables. Control the users’ roles and access rights. Spare your clicks and perform the initial, quick set-up directly on the Welcome page. Define your favorite gripping point and assign it a high, medium or low status. Troubleshoot the network connection issues with ease thanks to the new, descriptive error handling. To top it all up, we reworked our documentation, extended it and added new visual aids that will help you set up your picking in no time. 


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