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New Product News

Baumer GAPI SDK for ARM® Processors Allows for Simplified Implementation of Embedded Vision Applications

Baumer Optronic GmbH

New GAPI SDK by Baumer for Linux® ARM®-based platforms is oriented towards the ever-growing presence of embedded vision applications.The newest SDK version of the Baumer GAPI for Linux® ARM® processors supports optimally harmonized software integration of Baumer GigE cameras in embedded vision applications. Accessing cost- and energy-efficient ARM®-based hardware platforms will reduce system cost. Existing applications can be easily ported to ARM®-based platforms to benefit from reduced development time and cost without requiring new developments.

Baumer GAPI supports for camera application-relevant hardware platforms of several manufacturers via two installation packages: standard and basic. The standard packages allow for the use of manufacturer-specific evaluation kits (presently NVIDIA® Jetson, Raspberry Pi®, CompuLab and ODROID) to quickly analyze the capabilities for embedding in the image processing solution. Basic packages enable user-specific developments aided by the hard and softfloat processors of the ARM® ARM7™ family for optimal application architecture in terms of performance, design and cost. All the required libraries and software components are already integrated. Furthermore, the SDK provides versatile functionalities for process-safe embedding into the image processing software to ensure a stable and reliable solution in the application. The efficient image processor ensures optimal color calculation for Raw Bayer image data and the action command allows for quick, hardware-near triggering. Supporting camera events and status information will be a valuable help for automated process control. Furthermore, consistent and standard-compliant implementation of GenICam™, GenTL and GigE Vision® ensures easy integration of all Baumer cameras with GigE or Dual GigE interface.


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