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Basler-MVC Introduces New Web Resources to Make Camera - Frame Grabber Integration Easier

Basler AG

August 1, 2000, Basler Vision Technologies - Machine Vision Components (Basler-MVC.com) introduced new web resources to make the integration of frame grabbers and cameras easier.  Basler-MVC has gone live with a number of new tools on www.basler-mvc.com.

This web site resource will provide the vehicle to deliver the critical information necessary to integrate cameras and frame grabbers.  Each of Basler-MVC's compatible frame grabbers has its own page on the basler-mvc.com site.  These pages offer:

  • information about the frame grabber company
  • supported cameras and board combinations
  • downloadable configuration files
  • cable diagrams
  • technical notes

A further improvement to Basler-MVC's web site is our new Resource Center.  This tool allows interested parties to speak directly to our camera technical support team and to our camera development team.  This new direct communication channel will bring the needs of the market closer to the support and development teams at Basler-MVC.

Basler Vision Technologies-Machine Vision Components designs and manufactures advanced vision components for the industrial vision industry.  Products include color and monochrome line scan and area scan digital cameras for high speed and/or high-resolution applications.  Product designs are driven by industry requirements offering easy interfacing, compact sizes, and a strong price / performance ratio.

For more information, please contact us at 610-280-0171 or visit us on the web at http://www.basler-mvc.com.


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