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Applied Vision Partners with Stolle Machinery to Produce Machine Vision Systems for 100 Percent Decoration Inspection of Cans

Applied Vision Corp.

Ohio-based Applied Vision Corporation and Colorado-based Stolle Machinery have entered into an exclusive arrangement to manufacture a machine vision inspection system that delivers 100 percent surface decoration inspection for metal containers. The new technology, expected to become available in the first quarter of 2009, will be the latest product offering in Applied Vision's KromaKing® series of color vision systems. This advanced color and pattern inspection technology will allow can manufacturers to test sample batches or re-sort "hold for inspection" (HFI) to reduce waste. The new Applied Vision inspection system uses the same high speed container handling machine as Stolle's world-renowned inside spray systems.

"Decoration problems are the costliest defect faced by container manufacturers. Approximately 70 percent of the cans put into HFI are there for decoration-related defects. Every year, manufacturers scrap millions of these cans, generating substantial annual losses. There is a true need for 100 percent surface coverage at sampled or full production rates. It is especially crucial at a time when there is an industry trend towards highly complex, multi-colored decoration patterns. Our technology is designed to meet this ever-growing need and allow manufacturers to keep pushing the envelope for their customers," said Bud Patel, vice president of sales at Applied Vision.

"The reduction or elimination of decoration defects is always our main objective. This new technology gives container manufacturers a more precise and efficient method to quickly identify defects as they occur and to notify the operator when defects are present. We are partnering with Applied Vision because they not only have the most advanced vision technology on the market, they also share our commitment to customer support. We're confident that our combined efforts will result in the very best solution for our customers," noted Gus Reall, president of Stolle Container Machinery Division.

About Applied Vision Corporation

Applied Vision Corporation designs and manufactures application­specific machine vision inspection systems for packaging, food and beverage containers and color printing. Applied Vision systems are sold worldwide through original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), value added resellers (VARs), full­service distributors and company direct. For more information on Applied Vision's machine vision solutions, visit www.appliedvision.com.

About Stolle Machinery Company, LLC

Stolle Machinery is a leading supplier of capital equipment, spares and service for producers of beverage and food cans. Constantly evolving to benefit the can industry, Stolle's engineering and development teams consistently produce new improvements and innovations that save money and materials for canmakers. To learn more about Stolle Machinery and their full line of can machinery, visit www.stollemachinery.com.

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