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Applied Vision Partners with Guangzhou Stolle-Denuo Machinery Company to Provide Local Support in China

Applied Vision Corp.


AKRON, OH - Applied Vision has partnered with China-based Guangzhou Stolle-Denuo Machinery Company, LTD., to provide full-service local sales and technical support in China.

‘‘We currently work with many of the major producers of metal containers in China, which is one of the fastest growing machine vision markets,’‘ said Bud Patel, vice president of business development at Applied Vision. ‘‘Having a local presence in Mainland China will allow us to partner with more producers as they look to machine vision to help them meet increasingly stringent quality requirements.’‘

Applied Vision's partnership is designed to provide local representation in both sales and technical support from a well-known and respected, locally- based Chinese distributor. ‘‘We are very fortunate to be able to strategically partner with Guangzhou Stolle-Denuo Machinery Company because they fully understand the vision requirements of metal container manufacturers,’‘ said Patel. ‘‘Our customers can have the utmost confidence in their ability to support our products in their applications.’‘

Guangzhou Stolle-Denuo Machinery Company will provide sales, marketing and technical support for Applied Vision products and services throughout Mainland China. With Applied Vision demonstration equipment in-house, they will be able to conduct application studies and offer hands-on training. Stolle-Denuo Machinery Company will also maintain a full complement of replacement parts for Applied Vision systems.

For more information on Applied Vision's machine vision solutions, visit www.appliedvision.com.

Applied Vision Company designs and manufactures application-specific machine vision inspection systems for packaging, food and beverage containers and color printing. Applied Vision systems are sold worldwide through Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Value Added Resellers (VARs), full-service distributors and company direct.


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