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Applied Vision CEO Honored as Entrepreneur of the Year

Applied Vision Corp.

AKRON, OH - August 7, 2007 - Amir Novini, president and CEO of machine vision leader Applied Vision Company, recently received Entrepreneur of the Year honors from the Greater Akron (Ohio, USA) Chamber, an economic development organization committed to building a strong, innovative community in Northeast Ohio.

The annual Entrepreneur of the Year Award recognizes recipients for their outstanding business achievements as well as their economic, community and social leadership. Novini's specific accomplishments include leading his company to more than 300 percent revenue growth is the past five years and an 80 percent increase in employees since 2004.

‘‘With more than 27 years of experience in the industry, Amir Novini is widely recognized as one of the true innovators of machine vision inspection technology,’‘ notes, Dan Colantone, president and CEO of the Greater Akron Chamber. ‘‘In the less than ten years since Amir founded Applied Vision, the company has emerged as the global leader and supplier of machine vision inspection systems to the manufacturers of food and beverage containers around the world.’‘

Prior to starting Applied Vision, Novini was the vice president of marketing and product development at LumenX Company. He has developed three generations of machine vision systems for applications in the food and beverage, automotive and defense industries.
Novini currently resides in Bath Township with his wife, Manijeh and their three children Leyla (21), Rana (19) and Dara (15).

Applied Vision's systems are used as ‘‘computer eyes’‘ on production lines for ensuring quality, safety and appearance of the containers that consumers use every day. Novini and his team innovated the company's main products, the Genius® vision system and the KromaKing® color inspection system, which are known for being the most technologically advanced vision systems, as well as the easiest to use, on the market. Since the company started in October 1997, Applied Vision has received some of the largest orders in the thirty-year history of machine vision in the container industry. Current customers include Ball, Crown Cork and Seal, Diawa Can, Rexam and Toyo Seikan.

For more information on Applied Vision's machine vision solutions, visit www.appliedvision.com or call 330.926.2222.



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