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New Product News

Advanced illumination Announces Release of UltraSeal Washdown Backlights

Advanced illumination, Inc.

Rochester, VT - Advanced illumination, the originator of LED lighting for machine vision inspection, is proud to announce the release of its UltraSeal Washdown Backlights.  The innovative BL245 UltraSeal Washdown Backlights are engineered with a sealed, flush surface, making them virtually crevice-free.  The backlights are IP69K certified, ensuring they are protected against close-range high-pressure spray down while providing a dust-tight enclosure.  The backlights are extremely corrosion-resistant and made with FDA-compliant materials, meeting the challenges of applications that need reliable, clean, sanitary inspection systems and making them ideal for food and drug applications.

“We had quite a few customers approach us about an issue they had with other IP69K light offerings,” says John Thrailkill, Co-Founder and CEO of Advanced illumination.  “Other washdown lights available on the market have cracks and crevices, which are created by the use of exposed screws and gasketing materials in the lights’ designs.  This makes it more time consuming and difficult for the customers to clean the washdown lights, particularly for those in food and drug applications.”

The BL245 UltraSeal Washdown Backlights are built with a proprietary nickel finish and a flush-mounted, sealed diffuser.  The proprietary nickel finish provides superior corrosion protection for the backlights while the aluminum housing makes them 11x more thermally conductive than stainless steel.  The lights are available in multiple wavelengths and a variety of standard sizes, including: 4” x 4”, 4” x 8”, 6” x 6”, 8” x 8”, 8” x 12”, and 12” x 12”.  The BL245 is half the thickness of other washdown backlights on the market, measuring 0.945”.

Due to their IP69K rating, the UltraSeal Washdown Backlights eliminate the need to have an additional enclosure, reducing costs when specifying machine vision applications.  The washdown lights are ideal in applications that use corrosive washdown solutions and high-pressure steam cleaning operations.  “Our main goal is to help our customers solve the issues they’re having; that’s what drives our innovation,” continues Thrailkill.  “The UltraSeal family of products is our direct solution to the challenges they experience in these extreme environments.”

The BL245 Washdown Backlights are the first lights in the UltraSeal product line to be released.  Ai will continue to develop and release lights in the UltraSeal line intended to solve machine vision application challenges which rely on ultra-sealed, ultra-cleanable solutions.  Ai’s emphasis on quality processes and R&D ensures customers receive consistent, reliable machine vision lighting solutions; the Ai UltraSeal Washdown Backlights deliver on this promise.

A global leader in the LED Machine Vision Industry since 1993, Advanced illumination combines innovation in product development and quality in processes to deliver tailored lighting solutions to its customers.  Ai has Stock products that ship between 1-3 days and hundreds of thousands of Build-to-Order lights that are ready to ship between 1-3 weeks.  Their customers face unique challenges regarding their ever-evolving inspection systems; Ai is here to innovate with them.


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