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Adaptive Vision Library 4.8 is available for ARMv7a

Adaptive Vision Sp. z o.o.

Adaptive Vision Library is a comprehensive set of C++ functions for use in industrial quality inspection systems. With version 4.8 we have significantly revised our distribution package for Linux, including a build for the ARMv7a platform. Feel free to download it from our website and request a free 30-day trial license.

Adaptive Vision Studio 4.8 is data-flow based software designed for machine vision engineers. It does not require any programming skills, but it is still so powerful that it can win even with solutions based on low-level programming libraries. And this has been proved with some of the most interesting vision systems in the world. What is more, the architecture is highly flexible, ensuring that users can easily adapt the product to the way they work and to specific requirements of any project.


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