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New Product News

ActiveCapture – for image acquisition, analysis and display

Active Silicon, Inc.

We are excited to announce the launch of ActiveCapture – our latest front-end software for FireBird frame grabbers. The software application provides optimized image acquisition and display allowing the user to access and control all installed cameras and frame grabbers in the vision system in a clear and intuitive manner.

ActiveCapture – new front-end software application for FireBird frame grabbers. A GenICam GenTL program for image acquisition, analysis and display.Superior features
Highlights of the software include: a Feature Browser showing and allowing control of the GenICam features for the frame grabber and the camera; comprehensive image display features such as zoom and color sampler; real-time histogram and statistical information for the selected image or region within the image with a simple click, and the 1D Profile button shows the intensity profile of all or part of a line or column; a Command line allowing direct register access to the camera for low-level debugging; the Events Controller controlling all asynchronous events that can be generated by the hardware; and, the ability to capture and play back image sequences.

Support for Camera Link and CoaXPress cameras
ActiveCapture is a GenICam GenTL program that can be used with cameras supporting GenICam, such as CoaXPress, and Camera Link cameras using CLProtocol. It is also designed for use with non-GenICam Camera Link cameras.

Whether you need to quickly prototype a hardware solution, evaluate a camera or demonstrate solutions to customers, ActiveCapture works with any camera and provides a simple and straightforward method to configure the system hardware, allowing control of various features of the image acquisition such as triggering and image resolution. Full specifications for ActiveCapture and the complete range of Active Silicon’s compatible frame grabbers are available on this website. Contact us to see how ActiveCapture could benefit your image processing system.


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