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New Product News

Active Silicon Introduces the FireBird Camera Link Deca Low Profile Frame Grabber

Active Silicon, Inc.

AS-FBD-1XCLD-2PE4L-L model with half-height bracket shown.Active Silicon with its broad range of CoaXPress and Camera Link frame grabbers presents itself as a universal partner for virtually any demanding machine vision application. The latest addition to the state-of-the-art FireBird series is the FireBird Camera Link Deca Low Profile board.

Our newly developed FireBird Camera Link Deca board is now available in two form-factors – a full height version with front panel IO and a low profile/half-height version. The low profile design allows the FireBird Low Profile board to be used in small embedded PC enclosures and rackmount cases where full height PC cards are not suitable. A full height bracket option is available for use in standard PC form-factor enclosures.

This new FireBird Camera Link Deca board conforms to the latest version 2.0 Camera Link specification, including both 80 bit modes: 8 bit 10-tap and 10 bit 8-tap modes – often referred to as Camera Link “Deca”, at clock rates up to 85 MHz. The Gen2 x4 PCIe bus can sustain a continuous 1.7Gbytes/s throughput and is fast enough to cope with the full data rate that the Camera Link Deca interface can support. Support is provided for capture from two simultaneous Base Camera Link cameras, as well as single Base, Medium and Full configurations. Power over Camera Link (PoCL) is also provided.

Designed for ultimate performance FireBird uses Active Silicon’s proprietary DMA Engine technology, “ActiveDMA”. This technical innovation applies RISC based processor techniques and guaranties zero CPU intervention, high speed and very low latency image data transfers.

All Active Silicon acquisition solutions are provided with an easy to use, comprehensive Software Development Kit which allows integrators to develop applications quickly and effectively, together with a range of third-party software drivers for packages such as Cognex VisionPro, Common Vision Blox, HALCON, StreamPix, LabVIEW etc.

Drawing on Active Silicon’s expertise in multi-operating systems, the FireBird range includes support for Windows 32 bit and 64 bit but also support for Linux, Mac OS X, and QNX.

FireBird also supports GenICam, making this frame grabber compatible with all Camera Link cameras that support the CLProtocol, including those using GenCP. A GenTL Producer is provided as part of the FireBird driver installation.

Customers always have direct access to Active Silicon’s technical staff for systems advice, consultancy and integration work to ensure a successful completion of end-user applications.

About Active Silicon
Active Silicon, founded in 1988, is a leading manufacturer of frame grabbers, embedded vision systems and camera-end interface boards. Frame grabbers provide the interface between high-end cameras and computers in vision systems, while embedded vision systems provide the industrial-grade computer environment on which vision systems operate. As well as being a leader in the development and application of new technologies, Active Silicon is unique in being able to support a wide range of operating systems and a diverse range of hardware formats to go beyond traditional ground fixed environments. In fact Active Silicon’s products have been used in applications from space missions to deep-sea vehicles and UAVs. These products have applications in virtually all areas of science and industry, including manufacturing, life sciences, medical imaging, security and defense. All the products and technologies are developed in-house and owned by the company.


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