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AVT Prosilica GX-Series Now Shipping

Allied Vision

Fastest GigE Machine Vision Cameras Now Available With 5 Sensors From 1-8 Megapixel And New Thermal Management Housing

The Prosilica GX-Series presented by Allied Vision Technologies (AVT) at the Vision Show 2009 in Stuttgart are now available. The Prosilica GX-Series are an innovative range of Gigabit Ethernet cameras that combine high-speed and high-resolution. Running at 240 MB/s data rate, the GX-Series are the fastest GigE Vision® compliant cameras in the world. This new family of industrial cameras now includes 4 Megapixel (GX2300) and 8 Megapixel (GX3300) models.

New Housing For Optimal Thermal Management
All models feature a specially designed thermal management enclosure to ensure optimal performance in the most demanding applications including machine vision, high-speed industrial inspection, avionics, traffic monitoring, license plate reading (ANPR), public security, intelligent transportation systems (ITS), character recognition, robotics and surveillance.

The Prosilica GX-Series cameras are equipped with the latest Kodak CCD sensors to offer excellent image quality, high sensitivity, electronic shutter, low noise, anti-blooming, improved smear performance, high quantum efficiency and fast frame rates.
Prosilica GX Overview:

•GX1050 (1 Megapixel): 1024x1024, 112 fps, 1/2 Kodak KAI-01050 CCD sensor
•GX1660 (2 Megapixels): 1600x1200, 66 fps, 2/3 Kodak KAI-02050 CCD sensor
•GX1910 (2 Megapixel HD resolution): 1920x1080, 63 fps, 2/3 Kodak KAI-02150 CCD sensor
•GX2300 (4 Megapixels): 2336x1752, 32 fps, Kodak KAI-04050 CCD sensor
•GX3300 (8 Megapixels): 3296x2472, 17 fps, 4/3 Kodak KAI-08050 CCD sensor

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