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New Product News

AOS Technologies AG releases NEW Highspeed Streaming Camera

AOS Technologies AG

PROMON 502 2MP at 170 frames per seconds over Gigabit Ethernet

AOS is proud to announce a new family member in the PROMON camera series. PROMON 502 is an extension of the current PROMON 501 camera but with enhanced speed in the higher resolution. It is possible to run a stunning 170fps data rate @ 2040 x 1088 and stream to PC RAM or directly to disk – over gigabit Ethernet – due to its small footprint, it can be easily placed behind safe guards and piloted form a save place. In combination with our new Imaging Studio V4 a powerful tool that fits in many different applications, from Biomechanical studies to troubleshooting at fast production lines as ever fast image acquisition and the capability of longtime recording it’s a must have. 

PROMON 502 cameras are available in monochrome, color or as NIR (near infrared) version. Due to a sophisticated image algorithm in the camera image frame rates are achieved not seen before over a standard Gigabit Ethernet link. This extremely economical high speed camera is the ideal companion when traveling and for mobile application. Nevertheless PROMON 502 with its camera control software leaves no compromise open in view of functionality compared with competitive high speed cameras. Circular buffer recording, triggering by external discrete signals or by motion detection are available in the standard system. In addition, for longer recording time, you may stream directly to hard disk for minutes or hours making sure to capture the most intermittent events of your measurements. Easy export of image data to the most common movie formats is just another one of the many features of the software.


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