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AIA Membership Sets New Record with 230 Members


Despite Economic Downturn, Trade Association Continues to Grow

Ann Arbor, Michigan - Membership in the Automated Imaging Association (AIA), the machine vision industry's trade group, now stands at a record 230 companies.

'Companies involved in machine vision recognize that the tangible benefits provided by AIA far outweigh the cost of membership, which is why our membership has continued to grow despite the continuing economic downturn,' said Jeffrey A. Burnstein, AIA's Executive Director.

Burnstein cited sales leads, market exposure, and members-only networking opportunities as examples of key AIA benefits.

'Every month AIA members can count upon receiving qualified sales leads from AIA.  In the current economic climate, finding a potential new customer is like finding gold, making these sales leads more important than ever before,' Burnstein said.

'Members also receive tremendous exposure through their presence on Machine Vision Online, which has quickly become the world's leading resource on the Internet for machine vision information.  The site has an audience of some 2,000 highly targeted people each week looking for the latest products, tips on how to apply vision, case studies, feature articles, daily news, and information on upcoming industry events,' Burnstein explained.

Other key AIA benefits include large discounts on participation in events such as The Vision Show East and West and the International Robots & Vision Show, the opportunity to attend the members-only AIA Business Conference, and huge savings on the annual AIA machine vision market study.

Profiles of all AIA supplier members can be found in its just-released 2001-2002 Machine Vision System Integrator Directory.  'The Directory highlights the capabilities of our system integrator members, provides details on all of our supplier member companies, and serves as the official directory of The Vision Show East in Boston,' said Heather Straight, AIA's Marketing and Public Relations Manager.

AIA provides the Directory free of charge to all current and potential users of machine vision.  'For many potential users of machine vision, this Directory is the first stop in finding a supplier that can meet their specific needs,' Straight said.

Founded in 1984, AIA is the only trade group in North America organized specifically to promote the use of image capture and analysis technology. 

Jeff Burnstein 


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