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AIA Board Chairman Announces New Market Data Committee


Knowing about current trends in the machine vision market and where the industry is headed is crucial to making intelligent business decisions.  For many years, AIA has provided its members with an annual market study & forecast as well as additional white papers on specific market opportunities.  While our Board believes these tools provide enormous value to members, it’s time to get more feedback directly from the membership on what market data should be collected, analyzed and presented, as well as the frequency of the data.

Therefore, we are establishing a Market Data committee that will be headed by me and Paul Kellett, AIA’s Director of Market Analysis.  We invite interested AIA members to join.  Committee members will be asked to participate in quarterly meetings and/or conference calls, provide ideas on market data they would find valuable, and review materials and provide feedback.

The first meeting will be a brain-storming session with the specific objective of deciding the type of market data reports and/or studies to be produced within the next year.  This could involve some form of the current annual market study, quarterly sales tracking reports, studies of new markets, etc.  Everything is on the table for consideration.

If you have ideas about market data that would benefit your company and the machine vision industry, we urge you to join this committee!  To keep the size manageable, we will limit participation to ten member companies.  For full details on how to become a member of the committee, contact Paul Kellett at 734/994-6088 by July 31, 2009.

We look forward to your valuable ideas.

Mike Cyros

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