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ADL Embedded Solutions Inc. Announces ADLEPC-1700 Full-Featured, Ultra-Compact Embedded PC

ADL Embedded Solutions, Inc

ADL Embedded Solutions Inc. (ADLES), a leading provider of high-performance embedded solutions, has announced today its ultra-compact ADLEPC-1700 Embedded PC. At only 2.1” x 4.6” x 3.3”, the ADLEPC-1700 is a full-feature embedded PC targeted for rugged industrial applications. It is ideally suited as an IIoT edge device designed for a variety of settings including cybersecurity of critical infrastructure like power grid, oil and gas, refineries and other similar high-value operations. Its compact size and flexible mounting options make it easy to retrofit into existing equipment.

The ADLEPC-1700 is based on Intel® E3900-Series Atom processors designed for a wide operating temperature range of -40C to 70C. Front-side features include industrial and USB-C power connectors, power LED, reset button, DisplayPort, two USB3.0, and two ethernet ports. These are complemented by a host of onboard and mPCIe expansion options for WiFI, GPIO, CAN, Serial COM, and other functions.

“The ultra-compact ADLEPC-1700 really resonates with embedded engineers in a variety of industries. It builds on the success of the ADLEPC-1500 with more onboard and expansion I/O options and power configurations to enable engineers to truly optimize for their particular application.” — according to JC Ramirez, Vice-President of ADL Embedded Solutions Engineering. 


For additional information about the ADLEPC-1700 and to learn more about other ADLES products or design and engineering services, contact ADL Embedded Solutions at 855-727-4200 or visit their website at www.adl-usa.com

About ADL Embedded Solutions Inc.

ADL Embedded Solutions Inc., is a leading provider of high-performance embedded systems targeting demanding thermal and rugged environments for industrial and military applications. ADL Embedded Solutions excels at collaborating with customers to design quality, reliable embedded solutions in a timely fashion to exacting customer requirements.

ADL Embedded Solutions serves customers in a variety of markets, including Cybersecurity, Transportation, Defense, Aerospace, Communications, Process Control and Science. For more information about ADL Embedded Solutions.


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