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Case Studies

A Fast Paper Inspection System Provides Clear Images of Defects for More Accurate Classification and Reduced Sheet Breaks


Norcross, GA – Three Advanced Surface Inspector Systems for two major global paper suppliers have provided superior resolution of defect images at fast paper machine speeds in excess of 4800 feet per minute. The Advanced Surface Inspector was selected by these suppliers due to its 60 MHz processing speed--- a full 50% faster than competitive sys-tems.  Defect images - with unparalleled detail - enable accurate classifi-cation for root cause analysis resulting in reduced defects from the paper machine and reduced sheet breaks at the coater and/or super calendar. The source of defects is quickly identified and eliminated. By accurately determining the types of defects within the reel, reels can be optimally segregated for re-reeling. In addition, specific defects that will cause sheet breaks can be identified for removal at the re-reeler. The combina-tion of accurate classification of defects with the Advanced Surface In-spector System and the Rewind Manager results in the automatic control of the re-reeler to stop on pre-selected defects. This powerful system increases machine uptime and improves throughput.

The system provides three times the number of pixels for each defect image over competitive systems.  The advantage to the user is more accurate classification of defects---for example, round holes do not ap-pear flat.  The user can classify and mark defects that will cause the web to break.  The white LED illumination module allows for optimum red and brown spot detection.

ISRA Vision’s Inspection products go beyond defect detection and pro-vide accurate classification for root cause analysis, trend data for proc-ess improvement, roll data to optimize slitting, and rewind control for increased throughput. 

The continuous introduction of new products enables customers to turn web inspection into web improvement.   The success in the paper market demonstrates the value of leading edge technology.  In this competitive, global market, paper manufacturers can not afford to  purchase outdated technology.



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