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4Sight GPm industrial imaging computers and Design Assistant 4 Vision Software will be Featured

Matrox Imaging

At PACK EXPO 2014 (Chicago, Nov. 2-5, booth 7705), Matrox Imaging will present a live demonstration of a multi-faceted packaging inspection project developed using Matrox Design Assistant 4 vision software. Multiple cameras connected to a Matrox 4Sight GPm industrial imaging computer will inspect products as they move along a conveyor.

Matrox Design Assistant 4 is the first hardware-independent integrated development environment (IDE) that lets users easily create an application flowchart and HMI and take projects from concept to completion in record time, without the need for conventional programming. It not only works with Matrox Iris GT smart cameras but also any PC with GigE Vision® or USB3 Vision™ cameras.

Matrox 4Sight GPm industrial computers feature a unique combination of embedded PC technology, compact size and ruggedness making them the ideal solutions for cost-sensitive image analysis and machine vision applications. A new addition to the 4Sight GPm family will be announced at PACK EXPO 2014.

A second live demonstration will feature a box sizing system designed by machine vision integrator Decision Technology using Matrox hardware and software. The system uses laser-based 3D profiling to determine box dimensions such as height, width and depth. 

About Matrox Imaging
Established in 1976, Matrox Imaging is a leading developer of component-level solutions for machine vision, image analysis and medical imaging. Products include frame grabbers, vision processors, imaging computers, smart cameras and application development software. Headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Matrox is a privately held company with offices in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany and Hong Kong.  

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